Welcome! I’m Suz, the founder of Stocked.

After feeling that the way I genuinely ate at home wasn’t reflected in any of the ‘meal delivery’ services out there, I launched Stocked to create one that did. We led with a singular mission: to deliver the highest quality experience for stocking the fridge with prepared foods, and with maximum flexibility in mind. 

What does this mean? No subscription, set meals, or plans. It means healthful, organic menus that change every single week, with something for everyone, regardless of diet, age, or lifestyle. It means completely a la carte offerings that let you stock the fridge the way it works for you. It means opening the fridge and feeling well taken care of with food to mix and match as it fits into your current culinary routine.

My love of prepared foods is nothing new – it all started with a shop on a beautiful corner in the West Village, called Three Owls Market. The focus was warm hospitality, and the best prepared foods to last the week in your fridge. Since then, although we’ve evolved into Stocked, delivering our food to doorsteps for miles around, we’re still mostly the same dedicated team that started at the shop, aiming to provide that same level of hospitality through ecommerce. 

Our ethos?

Happiness is a full fridge,

We can’t wait to spread the joy.