Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know...

What Is Stocked?

Stocked is a new way to fill your fridge that reflects how we always want to eat: mixing and matching vegetable & grain salads and proteins that are inspiring, flavorful, made with the best ingredients, and designed to stay great in the fridge for days.

Our goal? For you to feel well taken care of with a full fridge, all week long. 

How Do I Order?

Order a la carte from our changing selection of prepared mains, sides, soups, snacks and provisions, baked goods, and meals “for the littles” in your household.

Or try one of our fridge stock packages, like the 3-Day Fridge Stock or Fridge Stock Lite

Where & When Do You Deliver?

We deliver every Monday & Wednesday. Don’t see the delivery day you’d like? It means we’re sold out! 

We deliver to:

Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens  • Westchester County & Fairfield County, CT 

How Will My Food Arrive?

All orders will arrive in refrigerated bags with ice packs. While we suggest you get everything into the fridge when you receive your order, it will remain at a safe temperature during transit and several hours afterwards.

Your order will arrive with reheat instructions as well as ingredient lists, and everything is packaged in a way that will allow it to stay fresh in your fridge for 3-4 days. We do however recommend eating any fish dishes in the first 1-2 days after receiving.

Can You Accomodate Allergies?

Yes, we can! While our facility is not allergen-free and food may come into contact with allergens, we can accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions in most instances. Email us with any questions, and please make sure to include any allergies or restrictions we should be aware of in the notes section of your order.

How Do I Send A Gift?

Is there any gift better than a filled fridge for the week?! You can gift Stocked by purchasing a gift card, selecting one of our care packages to send, or placing an a la carte order for the lucky recipient. Wish to include a gift note? Simply put the text you want included in the notes section of your order.