How to Play!

We are so thrilled that we made our way into your home for some yummy play inspiration. This partnership between Union Square Play and Stocked by has been so much fun to plan as we imagine you and your children playing endlessly alongside some delicious food.

Our hope is that this is just the start of a lot of play in your kitchen (and home) and that it inspires a lot of creative ideas that you come up with on your own. Everything in here can be used in so many different ways in combination with a lot of other repurposed materials in your own home both for play or meal/snack times.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with and hope you’ll share it with us! 

Metal Cups

These little simple metal cups are meant for serving condiments, which you can absolutely use them for (syrup, honey, ketchup, sprinkles, you name it!) You can serve first foods in here (and food that your child may be hesitant to try, it just becomes more inviting in this little shiny vessel!).  What we love so much about them is the noise making that happens when they are rolled, knocked over or clanged together. You can stack them, use them for sorting (pom poms, the mini sensory balls included in this box or, if you’re feeling super ambitious, sprinkles!) 

Silicone Mini Whisk

These little whisks are special for a few reasons. The texture of them inside of small mouths is unmatched to any other object (think a teething child’s dream!). Using them for mixing is also very fun and manageable with the mini-ness of it. The mixing is a bit more tame and easier for a child to maneuver. Use it for including your child in prepping meals or on its own for play. Put soap and water into a bowl and have your child whisk and mix to create more and more bubbles. 

Mini Muffin Pan

This pan is more than just something to make delicious muffins in but that is a major bonus. Additionally, we use it to make fruit ice or for freezing materials to excavate for play: mini figurines, flower petals, etc. The pan is also ideal for sorting materials and making patterns. Using the pan to make a rainbow of items around the house - collect things that are red to put in the first row, orange for the second row, yellow for the third, add in the sensory balls to your rainbow too! You can also make patterns with food, for instance with berries or cheerios. It’s also great for pushing the molds when it’s facing down, because the silicone material satisfies the same way children love to push buttons. 


Since a bandana is feasible for even the youngest baby to interact with, we call this the most optimal “first toy.” By peaking a bandana and placing it next to a baby who is on their back, it is a natural way to engage an infant to move their head to the side in order to focus on the bandana. The simple patterning on a bandana is also a way to stimulate their developing eyesight. A bandana is soft to touch and changes shape when touched, so an infant who just accidentally brushes against it will find intrigue in the way that it changes with their touch. It’s also light enough for a young baby to hold safely above their head as they are learning to cross their midline. 


An oball is another safe object for the youngest baby due to its lightness and smoothness for teething mouths. It is another material that a baby can “accidentally grab” because they can brush against it and find that a finger or hand has interwoven into one of the openings. They are sure to find true enjoyment in being able to pick up an object, often the first one that they can pick up at only months old. Weaving the bandana through it will prevent it from rolling away from a baby who is not mobile yet and also give another way in which a young baby can more easily pick up the oball.

Silicone Sensory Balls

These silicone sensory balls are a great item to give to your child while they’re waiting for their food. They’ll roll them on their high chair or table or sort them. They are a great addition for sorting, pattern making and putting in and out of muffin tins or the small metal cups. You can also stick them into the wires of the whisk and your child will enjoy figuring out how to release and take them out.

Squirt Bottles

Squirt bottles like the one in your box can be used in so many different ways both for meal times and for play (or combining both!). Children love being able to add their own sauces to things (in manageable ways) and ingredients (inmanageable ways), parents can pre measure things and put them in this squirt bottle to help avoid spills. You can also encourage your children to pour their own juice and milk into cups! They are also fantastic to use in the bath or for washing toys.